The Three Faces of Harry

Not to be completely biased or anything but my dog Harry is the world’s cutest dog.

I rescued Harry last August and the fact that someone gave him to a high kill shelter still baffles me. Oh well – their idiotic judgment is my good fortune.

Now that I’ve had Harry for over eight months, I can say with some confidence that I know my dog really well. With that in mind, I’d like to talk about some of Harry’s facial expressions. Three in particular.

Face One – His Sexy Pose

Sometimes when Harry is laying down, he looks back at me over his shoulder. The resulting facial expression can be described as nothing short of sexy. He has big, green, human-looking eyes to begin with, and when I say, “Is that your sexy pose?” he appears to make his eyes even more seductive.

Note Harry’s sexy pose below.

Face of Harry #1 - Sexy Pose

Face of Harry #1 – Sexy Pose

Face Two – Watch Your Stuff

As precious as Harry is, he is equal parts stubborn. Harry does not like it when he doesn’t get his way. He also hates when I have to do something (anything) that takes my attention away from him. Cleaning, talking on the phone, taking a shower, etc. When this happens, he pulls his bottom lip over his top and stares at me. That signifies that “sh*t’s about to go down” and I better put all items out of his reach.

I don’t have a picture of this face because I’m usually too busy trying to appease Harry, but enjoy this picture instead. Because it makes me laugh.

Face of Harry #2 - Watch Your Stuff

Face of Harry #2 – Watch Your Stuff

Face Three – Wonderment

One of my most favorite things about Harry is that he thinks the smallest things are super amazing. A tennis ball! A rawhide bone!! An old sock!!!The remote control!!!! He also thinks I’m the funniest person on the planet, which I enjoy because I happen to share that opinion.

Note my absolute favorite picture of Harry below. Here he is laughing as I move a tennis ball around. See, tennis ball + Mommy = Best. Day. Ever!

Face of Harry #3 - Wonderment

Face of Harry #3 – Wonderment

Stay tuned for more on Harry in the coming months! (Because he’s pretty much my favorite thing to talk about!)

3 thoughts on “The Three Faces of Harry

  1. My favorite is number two. It’s kind of like a hybrid of 1 and 3. Yes, he’s totally the cutest dog in the world. And I have two dogs of my own. But Harry’s definitely the cutest.

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