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The Engagement PartyThe Engagement Party

Just in time for Christmas, get a copy of The Engagement Party, a FREE short story in the SOMETHING TRUE series.

The Wedding Truce, Book 2 in the Something True series, comes out on December 17, 2019! To celebrate, I thought I would give you a sneak peak into what happened right after the story ended in Book 1, The Dating Arrangement.

Return to The Wright Drink with Emerson and Jack (and Cosmo too) as they celebrate their recent engagement. Meet Jack and Emerson’s best friends, Xander Ryan and Grace Harris, who let’s just say, aren’t the biggest fans of each other. Grab a glass to toast with, and get ready for Grace and Xander’s story in The Wedding Truce with this free short story. Happy reading!

To read The Engagement Party, click here: The Engagement Party


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