It’s a Facebook Party!

What are you doing for lunch today? Nothing? Great!

Because I’m taking part in a Facebook party. Or, more accurately, I’m having lunch on Facebook with my two critique partners.*

Lynne Silver, Carlene Love Flores and I have been critique partners for over a year now. We often get together and have lunch to discuss writing and lots of other fun stuff. So we thought we’d taken our Threesome Lunch to Facebook. Today we are introducing ourselves by talking about where we’re from. For me, that means I’m talking about one of my favorite things: Pittsburgh!


Come join us at my Facebook author page and use #3SomeLunch to get in on the action. Because we want to know about you too!

#3SomeLunch will happen the first Tuesday of every month.

*What’s a critique partner? We writers like to have critique groups that consist of other writers. We read each other’s writing, discuss, critique, help plot and brainstorm.

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