My Own Website!

Welcome to the inaugural blog for my very own website! Can you tell I’m excited? If not, here are some more exclamation points!!!

This website has been a long time in the making. Here’s the story.

I’m a very superstitious person and I’d decided at some point that I did not want to have a writing website until publication was imminent. I felt like if I put one together, it would anger the soon-to-be-published writing gods and I definitely didn’t want to do that.

2013 and 2014 have been whirlwind years for me. I bought my first condo last March – a major dream of mine. In August, I achieved another huge dream – I rescued my dog, Harry.

I thought that maybe after the condo and dog, my luck would run dry. After all, how much good ju-ju can one person have? I didn’t want to become greedy!

But in December, my good luck kept on rolling. I signed with my fabulous agent, Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency. Having someone in my corner made all the difference.

I signed my first contract with Entangled Publishing in January. This is for my contemporary novella, GOING UP, and it will be published later this year. Time to finally get my website up and running.

Once again, I feared I was pushing my luck to hope for more. But in April, one more amazing thing happened. I signed with Soul Mate Publishing, who will be publishing my first full-length contemporary novel, RETURN TO LOVE. Not sure when it will come out yet, but for the moment, it doesn’t matter. I’m on cloud nine.

So good thing I started this website!

On a serious note though, I want everyone to know that dreams do come true. But not without hard work, patience and much perseverance. I look forward to sharing my journey to publication and beyond with all of you and I wish you the very best in achieving your dreams! I hope you’ll share them with me too.

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “My Own Website!

  1. No amount of exclamation points can convey how totally proud and happy I am for you and all you’ve accomplished these last couple years! Great message about never giving up and putting in the hard work. You’ve done it!!!!!

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