Two Truths, One Lie

Happy 2015!!!

I hope you all had wonderful holidays and your new year is off to a sparkly start!

I blogged at the Waterworld Mermaid site today and am re-posting my blog here. I hope you enjoy!


I had two books come out in 2014, which adds up to one fabulous year. In honor of my glittertastic 2014, I’m playing a couple rounds of Two Truths, One Lie. Can you separate the facts from fiction?

Round One

  1. My novella, Flirting with the Competition, came out with Entangled Publishing in October.
  2. In my novella, two competitors get stuck in an elevator, which was based on an actual elevator incident that happened in my life.
  3. I set the story in Washington, DC-area, because I live in Washington, DC-area.

kerri book

Round Two

  1. My contemporary novel, The Best Kind of Love, came out with Soul Mate Publishing in December.
  2. I subconsciously based the fictional town of Blue Lake in the story on my hometown of Monessen, PA.
  3. I named my main character Penelope because that’s my middle name.

Round Three

  1. It took me over a decade of trying before I got published.
  2. An editor once told me she wouldn’t consider my manuscript because I was too young.
  3. I started writing my first romance novel after a summer of reading Nora Roberts books.

Round Four

  1. Even though I’m a proud member of the Waterworld Mermaids, I am actually terrified of the idea of mermaids.
  2. I often wish my adorable dog, Harry, had opposable thumbs so we could text throughout the day.
  3. My favorite color is purple.

Harry loves his mommy

Round Five

  1. My Nunnie declared I was a writer when I was a little girl so I just always believed her.
  2. I really love doing revisions and edits.
  3. I had so much fun putting this post together!

What are the answers??? I’m not going to tell you! Okay, okay, maybe I’ll tell you, since you were all such great sports. Answers will be in the comments later today. Happy guessing!

1 thought on “Two Truths, One Lie

  1. Sorry I didn’t post the answers yesterday, but here I go now. The lies are…

    Round One Lie = #2
    I have never been stuck in an elevator, which is a really great thing because I suffer from a touch of claustrophobia (just like my main character Whitney).

    Round Two Lie = #3
    Penelope is not my middle name and I have no idea where I came up with that character name. My actual middle name is Jo-dale, which is a family name.

    Round Three Lie = #2
    No, an editor has never told me that she wouldn’t consider my manuscript because I was too young. However, I did have an agent question my age a couple years ago. She thought I was a lot younger than I am (yay!) and wondered if I had enough experience to write about what I was describing to her.

    Round Four Lie = #1
    No, I am not afraid of mermaids at all. Now, if we were called the Waterworld Clowns, I might have some issues….

    Round Five Lie = #2
    I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate doing edits and revisions. HATE!!! However, like all writers, I suck it up because that’s one of the biggest parts of being a writer. And I still prefer edits to writing a synopsis, so there’s that…

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