Bidding on the Bachelor Tour & Giveaway


Anyone want to win a $50 Amazon gift card? How about winning some free books? Maybe you just want to read an excerpt of my latest book, BIDDING ON THE BACHELOR, Book 2 in the Saved by the Blog series.

In any case, you MUST stop by the Bidding on the Bachelor One Week Blitz! Click here for all the fun. Good luck to everyone entering the contests! As always, happy reading and glitter toss!


BotB CoverThe e-book is out too! Get Bidding on the Bachelor in either e-book or paperback, everywhere books are sold.

Big news, fair readers! Bayside High’s favorite It Girl, Carissa Blackwell, is back. Ten years ago, she crushed Jasper Dumont’s heart and left town for a bigger, better life.

Rich, single and devastatingly handsome, Jasper is Bayside’s number one bachelor. Yet, “Casper” has been spotted together all over town. Does this mean Bayside’s legendary couple may reunite? The Bayside Blogger’s money is riding on love!


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